Privacy Set of Rules (SOR)

This is the wiki for the development of the Privacy Set of Rules (SOR) that will be the basis for the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Privacy Guidelines AO. Healthcare facilities will also evolve their own Privacy Protocols (PP) based on this SOR.

The initial rules were consolidated outputs from privacy workshops in Bacolod, Davao, Palawan, Metro Manila (including subsequent discussions via the PEG Mailing List).

Stakeholders may help revise this document.

For questions and concerns that cut across sections, please use the Discussion area below to raise them.



Collection and Processing of Health Information

Point of Collection

Identification of Patient

Data to be Collected

Information to be Shared

Filing / Storage

Access of Health Information

Use and Disclosure of Health Information

Data Security

Administrative Security

Physical Security

Technical Safeguards

Use of Social Media

This subsection is deemed necessary for purposes of emphasis.

####Cloud Computing

Compliance, Incident Reporting and Response

This section has been identified as one of the gaps left unaddressed in one place in any of the workshops. See Compliance, Incident Reporting and Response

Special Areas

Human Resources

Health Research

Patient Registries

Publication and Public Communication

Privacy Bodies

The Privacy Team of the Health Facility

This section has been identified in the discussions as a gap that deserves separate treatment. See Privacy Team

Health Data Privacy Board (?)

New section; not originally from the workshops.

Privacy Advisory Group (?)

General Guidelines and Penalty Clause

See General Guidelines and Penalty Clause
This subsection will be archived soon. The provisions here will the incorporated into other “live” subsections.


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Dennis B. Batangan, 2016/03/25 07:10

The proposal for a MOA between PHIE and participating health care institution can be an option to support the IRR of Privacy Act. But what is the legal personality behind PHIE? Will the NPC and/or DOH and/or DOST be part of this MOA? Another option is through the LGU. eHATID LGU partners have started issuing local resolutions on ehealth operational issues, copies of which are being sent to DOH KMITS and DOST PCHRD.

Peter, 2016/03/18 00:00

Please see how you can “distribute” the concerns under “General Guidelines and Penalty Clause” section. The section looks weak.

Ryan Julius Banez, 2015/12/07 08:01

May I know if there is a consolidated output from the Palawan workshop? Thank you

Peter, 2015/11/13 23:00

there was a question from the Davao workshop whether there should be a MOA between PHIE and a participating health care institution.