ToDo List

  • Site visit and engagement for protocol development with an RHU.
  • Coordinate with PHIC/ Dr. Kenneth Go in identifying the smaller health facilities that will champion in the privacy protocol development.
  • Set a meeting with the National Archives of the Philippines and the Philippine Statistical authority to discuss the timeline in retaining information.
  • Set a meeting with the informatics group of PNA to discuss provisions on how to share information.
  • TWG clarification on Joint AO 2016-0002 section VIII under A. Collecting and Processing of Health Information 1.C.
  • Coordinate with DOST-ICTO (Mr. Rainier Alvarado) and discuss provisions regarding third-party providers.

Suggestions for PEG

  • Suggestion to come up with a Guidebook for Privacy or Privacy 101 document in absence of speaking engagement.
  • Sector-specific consultation/orientation such as:

(a) PMA (b) MHO © Association of Deans (d) CHED

  • We should have a way for hospitals to know that the AO exists and what it means. DOH and/or PhilHealth can impose on hospitals the conduct of awareness workshops as a circular or memo.
  • We can give the hospitals a self-assessment tool. They undertake the tool and it tells them where they are in the realms of privacy. (These tools must exist already).
  • We ask the hospitals to come up with a plan, based on the results of the self-assessment tool to continuously improve privacy in their hospital.
  • Suggestion to come up with a position on the interpretation of the provisions relating to research. This would be considered by the NPC in the IRR. If there is a position paper or recommendations regarding research, you may send them formally to the NPC, and they will strongly be considered (and needed) in the IRR development. (I.P.)