Authorized personnel to amend data if required. Data collection and processing shall be done by an authorized employee of the health facility and shall ensure that Clinical Practice Guidelines are observed when changing data:
a.) Original entry must be visible.
b.) Change must be dated and countersigned, or logged.
c.) Reason for the change\s must be entered or specified.

The medical social worker or some equivalent personnel shall collect information especially in salient points such as family information, socio-economic profile, and other vital data.

Reportorial Requirements. In compliance with Act No. 3573 otherwise known as “Law on Reporting of Communicable Diseases”, all notifiable diseases, syndromes, events and conditions shall be immediately collected and reported to the local and national authorities.

Conforming to E.O. 292, s. 1987, relevant information on the country's health situation shall be collected, analyzed and disseminated by appropriate authorities provided that health information of patients shall be protected and statistical data shall only be provided.

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