Patient Identifier. The unique identifier for patients shall be their PhilHealth Personal Identification Number.

Point of de-identification. Only de-identified health information shall be stored in the PHIE Data Warehouse. De-identification shall be done upon contact with the Participating Health Care Provider. The Participating Health Care Provider shall transmit information from patient's records to PHIE as shared health record or as part of PHIE's data warehouse. If the patient consents, the patient's health record may be processed in PHIE without the need for de-identification. If the patient does not consent, the patient's health information shall be de-identified, containing only information necessary for immediate statistical reference.

Highly Communicable Disease and Special Conditions. For highly communicable diseases and patients with special conditions such as but not limited to HIV, Ebola, MERS-COV, special codes shall be given and additional important documents shall be signed by the patient, attending physician and head of the facility.


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