The Privacy Training Team

This is the proposed Training Team of the proposed Health Privacy Board.

Privacy Training Officer Roles and Functions

The privacy training officer can help fill the gap between rule-making exercises and some urgent need to build a cadre of health privacy advocates and organizers. The Privacy Training Officer could

  • Formulate a privacy training program


1. Background in clinical or public health, law, and education. Added advantage would be strong work ethic and track records in administration from these people.

Job Order

  • Php 60k x 1.2 x 6 months of salary.
  • For Privacy Training Officer, we'll get the money from PhilHealth.

Training Staff

  • The PMO will provide staff support (needed of course are specifics for the JO).

Other options:

  1. PEG to come up with a core curriculum and then maybe course it through CHED.

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