This Contract made and entered into this (Date) and between:

THE CITY OF (), a Local Government Unit existing under the laws of the Philippines with address at () City;


(Name of employee) (Designation) (Salary)
(Name of employee) (Designation) (Salary)
(Name of employee) (Designation) (Salary)
(Name of employee) (Designation) (Salary)
(Name of employee) (Designation) (Salary)

All of legal age, Filipino citizen and a resident of () City here after referred to as SECOND PARTY;


1.That the first party is in need of the services of the Second Party who shall perform work not performed by the regular personnel of the First Party;

2.That the Second Party has signified his/her intention, to which the First Party has accepted, to provide the services needed by the latter;

3.That the Second Party hereby possesses the education, experience and skills required to perform the job as described herein;

4.That the Second Party hereby attests that he is not related within the fourth degree of consanguinity of affinity to the 1) Hiring authority and/or 2) Representative of the First Party; that he has not been previously from government service by reason of an administrative offense that he has not reached yet the compulsory retirement age of sixty five (65);

5.That in view hereof, the Second Party is hereby contracted as (Designation) in the City Health Office for the period of (Start Date) to (End Date), in consideration of a monthly rate opposite of their names, without prejudice to any adjustment as may be provided by ordinance;

6.That upon the completion of the contract period and satisfactory performance of duties and favorably recommended by Department Head and verified by Performance Management Team, the Second Party shall be entitled to receive additional compensation of P3,000.00.

7.That as (Designation) in the City Health Office, the Second Party is expected to perform the following functions;

Maintain attentiveness to customer's needs; initiates steps that will comply with their requirements to meet and exceed their expectation. Obtains comprehensive data from the patient's health history and physical examination utilizing standards of assessment, use monitoring equipment and diagnostic results. Utilizes data gathered from assessment to identify nursing problems/ diagnosis and in formulation the nursing plan of care. Executes nursing interventions in a safe, appropriate, and timely manner. Delivers nursing care consistent with the Patient's Bill of Rights (i.e. Right to privacy, right to confidentiality, right to refuse treatment). Observes a high level of confidentiality in all matter related to patient care and delivers nursing care consistent with the patient's rights. Performs safe nursing practice in the care of the young, adult, elderly: Anticipates for any need / equipment needed to care for patient, Identifies sudden changes in the patient's health condition, implements appropriate interventions and if needed, report to proper authority promptly. Modifies plan of care as indicated by patient's response and condition, Transfer patients safely. Demonstrates effective infection control practices conscientiously (ex.: hand hygiene, waste disposal, use of personal protective equipment). Administers regular and high alert medications safely and correctly via the following route (per orem, Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, Topical, Ophthalmic, Rectal, Sublingual, Aerosol). Demonstrate Intravenous therapy standards safely, appropriately, and in a timely manner. (I.e. blood transfusion, parenteral medications, IV insertion, IV bottle changes). Responds to and provide appropriate nursing action for emergent situations. Demonstrates understanding of role in hospital emergencies, fire and disaster. Performs specific measure utilizing appropriate safety devices such as but not limited to, restrains, side rails, pillows, call light. Demonstrates competency in assessing, monitoring, and applying restraints.

a.Adheres strictly to standards in handling hazardous materials. Demonstrates financial responsibility and accountability through the effective and efficient use of resources in daily procedures practices and processes. Delegation of workload nursing attendants appropriate to their level of competency and training. Provides health care instructions (e.g. health education, diet, diagnostic preparations, home care/ management, disease process and treatment plan, medication, prevention of complication, etc.) to clients and their families based on identified learning needs. Endorses all completed and contemplated procedures and all pertinent data of the patient to the incoming shift and whenever he/she goes out of the unit. Ensure continuity of care through the use of proper endorsement methods. Effectively utilizes communication techniques with patients, families, and members of the health team. Maintains complete, accurate, concise, and updated documentation of patient care. Documents at the time of assessment or nursing interventions provided or as soon as possible afterwards. Observes nursing procedures and policies pertaining to any aspect of clinical charting and reporting. Conducts self professionally at all times. Complies with policy on attendance, grooming and decorum. Identifies own learning needs, acknowledges limitations, and responds positively to recommendations for personal improvement. Takes initiative in acquiring and mastering skills required of the position by participating in and completing continuing education and training activities. Actively participates and assist in quality improvement activities. Attends to socio-cultural activities set by the City Government. Participates in the clinical experience/ performance of trainees and new nurses in the unit, as directed by the Head Nurse. Performs other tasks as maybe delegated or required of the job. Administer medicines and perform other nursing work as ordered by the Physician. Participates in educating individuals, families and community on health matters
b.That the Staff Nurse will be stationed and report at the ER of the (name of Hospital) for Ambulance Conduction.
c.That the staff nurse will respond to disasters and other nursing care deemed necessary by the city health office / medical director.

8.That the Second Party shall perform work at a time and schedule to the agreed by both parties;

9.That the Second Party shall be provided Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage form Government Service Insurance System;

10.That it is understood that this contract does not create an employer-employee relationship between the First Party and the Second Party, that the services tendered hereunder are not considered and will not be accredited as government service, and that the latter is not entitled to the benefits enjoyed by the personnel of the First Party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto signed this document on this () day of () 2016 at the City of ().

(Name of Employee) Signature Res. Cert No. Date
(Name of Employee) Signature Res. Cert No. Date
(Name of Employee) Signature Res. Cert No. Date
(Name of Employee) Signature Res. Cert No. Date


City Mayor

OK As to Appropriation: OK As to Availability of Fund:

(Signature) (Signature) City Budget Officer OIC – City Treasurer

Prepared by:

(Signature) (Signature)
Acting City HRD Officer City Health Officer


City of (insert city) ) S.S.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the above jurisdiction, personally appeared with Residence Certificate opposite their names issued at ()City known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing instruments and acknowledged to me the same is their own free will and voluntary act and deed.

This instrument consist of two (2) pages including this page wherein this Acknowledgement is written, and is signed by their instrumental witnesses on each and every page hereof.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, this () day of () 2016 at () City.

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